Sue Simmons - Don't Lock Me In A Cupboard

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Sue Simmons started performing poetry at the age of 5 at local eisteddfods. By the age of 7 she was entering her own poetry, in the writing sections. She put it aside for the “boyfriend years” and then took it up again after her marriage in the 70’s, sending poems to various magazines for publication. A lot of the early poetry was about her children and as they grew, so did her writing. In the early 90’s she braved it, and stood up in a sing around and performed a comedy piece. By this time the children were teenagers and Sue was able to start going to folk festivals and performing her poetry. Bedworth folk festival was the first to introduce a poetry session for her and apart from a few years when Sue was ill, has booked her for poetry ever since.
Quite a lot of her poems are based on nature, “Just a Drop”, “Cold and Black” , “Summer Foxes” and "Anu’s Whisper", just to mention a few. The other main subject seems to be of people. Take, “Selectively Blind” for instance, about the difference human contact can make to one person, or “The Photograph”, written as if the photographer was an intruder into the lives of the couple in the poem. “Stromer” reflects on what may have happened to the island since all the people left.
Ode to an Exploding Sheep” lightens the mood somewhat, as do “The Tiff” and “The Bust Heaving Load”. Finally ending up with “The Last Bud”. Anyway see for yourself and make your own mind up as the topic and poems that you prefer.
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